an austin lifestyle newborn session

I have to tell you something about spending time with the Kruzies on this particular day. It changed me. For weeks, maybe even months prior to this day I had been feeling torn between expectations and demands and what I wanted for me. It has been nothing but frustrating and isolating. Self-caused. As much as I wanted it, I couldn't allow myself to be completely true to myself, almost as if I was physically holding myself back. And I couldn't get past me. Weirdest feeling.

And after a long holiday, I returned home -- one day away from the beginning of a new year. And then early the very next morning, I walked into the Kruzie's home. And we took it minute by minute, letting it all unfold on its own and they just did their thing. And it was beautiful. And real. Everything I wanted, so much so that it overwhelmed me.

It was exactly the situation I had been searching for -- and I recognized a little bit of myself. And it was okay.