nice knowing you.

for months upon months i had dreams of this shoot. white & flowers & more white & pretty girl with pretty hair & film. and it all finally fell into place. i was so into this that i decided to try my hand at a little floral work despite the fact that i can't even keep cactus alive, but everything seemed to work out beautifully. and michelle was made for this day. i couldn't sleep the night before. i kept imagining what we were about to create. the next morning, i packed my bag for the shoot and tucked my little camera under my arm and off i went. we began shooting and i finished off one roll. loaded the next roll, shot shot shot. then BOOM. the camera slipped out of my arm straight onto the concrete floor. i about vomited - bye bye sweet camera, nice knowing you. it was done for. and that whole roll of film i was shooting, too. gah! i'm an idiot!  i about chopped off my stupid little fingers right then and there. Ask Jackie...I nearly lost my marbles, right?

luckily, i had my handy digital as back-up. and if i did anything right that day, this was it. michelle pulled me out of my funk. and besides, the girl knows how to work itttttt.

oh, and if you think this is all she can do, just you wait. we've got more michelle for you later this week, so get back here soon.