one of those.

today was one of those days. you know the kind. laid in bed an hour too long. didn't shower (again, i know).  i swear my rug sheds pounds of fuzz to spite me. oh hey, apple sauce stains all over my clothes. i spent way too much money. um, yeah, dinner? didn't happen. overwhelmed. beyond that, actually.

then bryce comes home from work and within 5 minutes he says is, "i'm not talking to you for the rest of the night". if i were the crying type, you know what would have gone down tonight. but i'm not, so i hid in a corner and organized piles and piles of toys. i hate toys. i always have.

i need some revival.

and this is it: i've been waiting for weeks to get back my very first rolls of film & today was the day. after penelope went to bed, i convinced bryce to stop checking his email (it's a christmas miracle!) and flip through some scans with me because right now, i need some sort of feedback, please & thank you sir. and i tell you, bryce is skeptical about everything. and skeptical is an understatement. but after a few scans, he tells me, "screw digital".

and there you have it, folks.

"... i'll learn to get by on little victories"

mamiya 645 pro tl

portra 800