what to wear for a photoshoot


what to wear

You like my work & style and decide you want to book a session. Easy. But as the session gets closer you start stressing. What to wear? I stress about this every. single. day. [totally just walked into my closet this morning, got too overwhelmed and settled on sweats!] But your photoshoot isn't just another normal day. And you're not only dressing yourself, but you're practically dressing your boyfriend, your kids, your mom, whoever. You're kind of spending a good chunk of money for me to freeze time and permanently record your faces & relationships on paper.  So what do you do?

In my dreams I'm a stylist. I would so, so, so love to help you pick your outfits, whether it be helping you shop or shopping your closet. Like, I'll actually come to your house and dig through your closet. Just let me know and I'm your girl.

Or try it on your own! Mixing different pieces can actually be a lot fun. Whatever you decide, hopefully the "What to Wear" boards I create will be of help.

.     .     .     .     .

Be sure to choose a style and colors you like. When it comes to colors, it doesn't have to be matchy-matchy. As a matter of fact, your photos will look best if you aren't too matchy.  I know it can be tricky choosing multiple colors that coordinate, but if you're struggling, just ask and I can help you arrange a color palette. Some colors may seem odd together, but think out of the box -- it can add visual interest. I recommend making your outfits a good representation of your personality. Add some texture. And layers. Layers are your friend.

Ok, so this is where I sit you down and tell you that we need to have a serious heart-to-heart.

Don't dress the entire family in one color. Refrain from putting everyone in all white shirts [if you're a white-shirt-offender, don't feel bad. We've been there, done that too. I think everyone has. Just don't do it again!]. White shirts don't show us who you really are. Unless everyone in your family wears a solid white shirt every day. And this doesn't just go for white shirts, it covers all colors.

When dressing children, try not to put them in the same exact matching outfits.

Dressing the boyfriend/husband/father/male family member can be hard (or easy!) depending on the man. If he's wearing denim, try to stick to dark denim. It'll really add that extra style to your shoot.

Seriously, the outfit makes the shoot. We could shoot outside of Taco Bell and your photos would look awesome. Your confidence is usually at a whole different level when you're dressed well. Trust me, it'll show! Don't underestimate the power of a good outfit.