What to Wear for a Photoshoot

what to wear

If you and your family just happen to dress like this everyday, can we please be best friends?

Anyway, I just


winter clothing -- it's my all-time favorite. Layers & scarves & hats & boots.  If you want a session with more of a cozy feel to it, don't be afraid to layer it up! I also love neutrals because it's exactly what it sounds like -- a friend to all! They can be paired with


  and it totally works. Whites, greys, off-whites, grey-blues, tans, browns, and blacks.

Cozy and wintery is a great look for holiday season, but


don't feel obligated to strictly do it in Christmas reds & greens -- save it for the wreath. Do the neutral thing. To avoid being too matchy-matchy -- pile in as many neutrals as you can into your color palette. And to keep it from being drab, you can add one or two bold colors. Right now, I'm loving mustards & wines  -- and I'm not talking the edible kind! ;)

And if you're feeling a little edgy, throw in biker boots, leopard prints, scarves, oversized cable sweaters & leather jackets. Try it. You'll look so hip.

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