Wren Family

Woke up this morning to some chilly weather out. I chose to forgo the morning shower, gross I know, and hop straight into a cozy, overworn & oversized flannel (it may or may not have been pulled from the dirty laundry). Warmed me up some hot chocolate and loaded  it with too much whipped cream. Spent half an hour cuddling with my baby, and before I knew it, it was time to run out the door to meet Veronica in San Antonio. When I finally reached SA, I realized that I hadn't even made time to put on makeup or even slightly tame my hair. Veronica pulls up and gets out of the car looking so fresh and put together. How she does it with four kids (including a set of twins!) when I can hardly manage with one, I'll never know. She is seriously a rock star mom and I really  hope she'll share her notes with me so I can get my act together & do it with some grace ; )

Thanks Wren Family for letting me capture a little bit of your lives. You guys are beauties.